Write a blog they said… It will be easy they said… it’s what you need to do for your business and to get your name out there they said… so a number of years later – here we go…!

As I run a couple of very different businesses and I identify as a multipotentialite (well I found the term in a TED talk and have decide to own it!) so adding a blog to one or all of my company websites sounded way too daunting and so the idea to create one under my name and just talk about the businesses, what’s going on for me, what I am reading / watching / learning or even avoiding seemed like a much better plan!

Inner Pathways

Launched in 2018 and offering Health Kinesiology (that’s a long twisty story to how this came about…), Transformational Coaching and Hypnotherapy (these were added in 2020 – what an interesting experience to start learning in a classroom and then moving online).

More information on Individual or Group sessions can be found over at www.innerpathways.co.uk feel free to contact me here or there for more info – and you can sign up to the weekly newsletter too!

A Daye in your Life

Also launched in 2018, offering beautiful (even if I do say so myself) wall art, brand photography and headshots. Check out what I offer over at www.adayeinyourlife.com again – feel free to contact me here or there 🙂

This was almost as twisty a journey as Health Kinesiology – ask me if you want to hear about it or maybe one day it will end up being the subject of a blog post…

Everything Else

I have a habit of saying that ‘my story’ is boring, I have been told on many occasions by many friends, colleagues and networking ‘buddies’ over the years that this just isn’t true!

I was pretty ‘rubbish’ at school, but that didn’t stop me going on to Uni to gain a Honours degree in Financial Maths and then a Masters in IT. From there my mum told me to ‘go get a job, or I’ll get you one’ – so I moved from South Lanarkshire to Hampshire for a year and worked in Pensions… mum wasn’t too happy as she hoped I would stay local! After another couple of years in Bristol as an Information Systems Manager, I made it back to Scotland and a very happy mum! Many years followed in the IT department of a financial services company – with a killer commute (I am not a fan of Edinburgh and just didn’t want to live there!). They eventually paid me to go away (redundancy) – so I did! After another short stint in Edinburgh I jumped over to Stirling (much better commute and a parking space – I had totally gone up in the world!). Half a decade later they also paid me to go away – after paying me to close down the site (thankfully not alone!).

This time I decided to do something different and launched a company called Castography. I quickly decided the name was a bit pants and totally unclear to the direction I ended up going in! The original plan was to focus on body casting – but the intolerance to plaster dust was a pretty unpleasant side effect! And so the current 2 businesses developed and came in to being.

Moving away from the work side of stuff – I have volunteered as a youth leader/instructor since 2016, I am currently involved with the Sea Cadets in North Lanarkshire (and fully geeking out on the unit being called T.S. Enterprise!).

I have spent most of lockdown of 2020 (and however long it lasts in to 2021) in my shed in the garden. OK – for anyone who has seen it, it is a bit more than a shed… it’s my office / studio / treatment room and it’s been a godsend!

I watch too much TV, read too many books, consume too much ice cream and I am a self confessed certificate junkie! One day I might make a list of all the certificates and all the things I am qualified to do. That day is not today though!

And now that I have bored you silly… please go have a browse through the blog and read whatever takes your fancy (I am writing this before I write any blog posts though so I do hope I go on to write some otherwise this could be a bit embarrassing…!)